Hi, I’m Hunter.

The Origin Story

Growing up, my family never really stayed in one place. My mom has always really been into real estate, so I spent a lot of my childhood at open-houses. Not that I could complain… the open-houses almost always had freshly baked cookies! My dad also enjoyed exploring homes, but mostly he just liked new settings. We moved probably more than was actually necessary- to new states and cities, or just right down the block. We always lived in the United States, but sometimes it was in the snowy plains of small-town Colorado, while other times it was in the dramatic heat of Texas hill-country. 

How is this relevant to my travel blog? 

All that moving taught me early on that ‘change’ always comes with ‘excitement’. Sometimes it’s just the excitement of having a new bedroom to decorate. Other times it’s the excitement of making all new friends and having to change your entire wardrobe from “blizzard chic” to “my dad’s gonna to hate this outfit, but darn it, it’s hot out there!” And sometimes it’s not what you expected. And sometimes that’s the best kind of change.

My First Solo Adventure

Though I had travelled internationally a little with my parents, my first real experience in a foreign country was when I was 16. I had flown to Argentina as part of a volunteer organizing. Within the first 10 minutes of landing, I was crying my eyes out to a border control officer (more on that another time). Somehow, they let me pass… Though the rest of the trip also included (1) not being able to exchange my currency because I was a minor, (2) failing to communicate with most people because my Spanish skills were severely lacking, and (3) getting lost in a squatter village somewhere on the outskirts of Cordoba (seriously, I’ll write a blog post on this later!), that trip was the most exciting thing I’d done in my whole young life.

That experience was what officially ignited my love for travel, and since then, I have had the fortune of living in two of the coolest cities in the world, New York and London, backpacking Europe, and meeting people of all different backgrounds. Also, I’ve eaten a BigMac in seven countries on three different continents (I may or may not provide more details on that one later).

Travel Guides for the 9-to-5s

Now, I have a 9-to-5 job, which is all sorts of rewarding, but it doesn’t lend itself to a nomadic lifestyle. This just means I’ve had to learn how to balance my job responsibilities with my insatiable desire to be on the move. I know I’m not the only one performing this balancing act, which is what inspired me to start writing travel guides for the 9-to-5s.

9-to-5s /nine to fives/ noun: A person who is holding down a full-time job, attends school, is a stay-at-home parent, etc. Basically someone with a lot of responsibilities.

This blog is a collection of travel stories and guides centered around world exploration for us 9-to-5s.

Full Disclosure

I can’t pretend to be this all-knowing world traveller with mountains of sage advice to give you. Maybe one day, but not yet. But I have been lucky enough to travel a good amount in the very short time I have been adulting. And I do have a few tips and tricks I would be willing to share about how to fit travel into your already very busy life. My content centers around short-term, budget travel that won’t eat away at your PTO, but gives you the well deserved-break you need.

What You’ll Find

Some posts are abbreviated travel guides, while others are personal stories of things I have done during my adventures. I also have a lot of good stories of what not to do (like that one time, in Amsterdam, with the brownies…) and many stories that are just embarrassing and you might get a kick out of (like that one time, in Amsterdam, with the sugar cubes…).

But I am also here because I want to hear your tips and tricks for balancing your 9-to-5 and severe wanderlust, and I also want to hear your feedback. So, if you are inclined to divulge any of those things to me, or if you just want to chat, shoot me a message –> Contact Me. 

Until then… Happy Horizon Hunting.